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Attestation services are the main area of our activity.

AUDYT Wegner i Wspólnicy Sp. z o.o. is an entity authorised to audit financial statements (no. 3941).

Pursuant to the law of the Republic of Poland, our entity meets formal requirements stipulated above all in the Act on Statutory Auditors, Their Self-Governing Organisation, Entities Authorised to Audit Financial Statements and on Public Oversight, of 7 May 2009 (Official Journal from 2009, no. 77, item 649). .

Meeting the above regulations enables us to render services in the field of:
- audits of annual stand-alone and consolidated financial statements
- audits and reviews of interim financial statements
- audits and reviews of consolidation packages
- audits of EU-funded projects
- audits of prospecta and information memoranda for entities applying for admission of their shares to public trading
- audits of merger, division and transformation plans.

The scope of our services includes audits of:
- the financial statements prepared in accordance with the Accounting Act and/or the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
- the financial information/consolidation packages prepared accordance with regulations applicable to our clients (eg. in accordance with accounting principles of the capital group our client is a member of; in accordance with contractual requirements; in accordance with regulations relating to EU funding; in accordance with bank requirements, etc.)

Audit services are carried out in accordance to methodology basing of the domestic standards on auditing issued by the National Council of Statutory Auditors.

Our methodology is based on thorough knowledge of our client’s activity and sector it operates in. We gain knowledge on the business risks, other issues and their potential impact on the activity, as well as the methods the management deals with these risks and issues. Based on this knowledge, we focus our audit work on the analysis of internal control mechanisms, systems and business operations in order to obtain the level of assurance our clients expect of us and the legal regulations require us to.


We are your advisor during the performance of our services and afterwards as well. Please contact us in order to use our services. We will meet you at a place and a time convenient for you in order to start our cooperation.


65-840 Zielona Góra
ul. Batorego 16/16
3rd floor


Tel.: +48 502 615 987

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