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The Management Board
The President of the Management Board of our firm is Jacek Wegner, graduate of Academy of Economics in Poznań in 1978, with master’s degree in economics, postgraduate studies in: management at Institute of Administration and Management in Warsaw, and tax – Warsaw School of Economics. Training in the field of the IFRS – Ministry of Finance, 2013.

Licenced accountant from 1987.
Statutory auditor from 1992, numer in register: 4293.

Practitioner with many years of experience as: chief accountant, finance director, vice-president of the management board of a capital company. Several years of experience as a president of supervisory boards of state-owned enterprises.

Member of the National Supervisory Commission
President of the Regional Council of the Branch of the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors in Zielona Góra

Vice-President of the Management Board Jarosław Wegner, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań in 2004. Post-graduate studies in the field of accounting and finance – Academy of Economics in Poznań in 2007. He is currently in the examination process, as a candidate for statutory auditor. Holder of the certificate issued by the Minister of Finance, authorising him to provide bookkeeping services.

Entity authorized to audit of financial statements no. 3941.
Third party liability insurance - TU ALLIANZ S.A., PZU S.A., AXA TUiR S.A.


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